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Colorado Auto Tint & 3M Paint Protection is Colorado’s premier Window Tinting Company. We have over 15 years of experience and have tinted countless cars. We pride ourselves on our workmanship and guaranteed customer satisfaction. If you’re looking for the perfect tint to keep your car cool during the hot sunny days, or just want a premium sleek look, we will take care of you! Our exceptional work has earned us the trust of several large car dealerships throughout Colorado. No job is too big or small for us, and all of our films carry a lifetime warranty that protects you against fading, peeling, and bubbling. Contact us below to receive a free quote Today!

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Carbon Window Films

Our Color Stable Extreme, non fading, metal free product that offers high heat rejection and Infrared (IR) rejection to keep you cool and will not interfere with satellite reception. MPCX film has 1.5 mil 2 ply construction with lifetime warranty
35% Color Stable Window Film 48% Heat Rejection
20% Color Stable Window Film 61% Heat Rejection
5% Color Stable Window Film 67% Heat Rejection
Match 2 Front Windows 20%

Metalized Mirror Platinum Films

Metalized Series is a silvery, mirrored film with all-metal nichrome construction. Vehicle owners seeking a rarely seen, custom treatment will appreciate Infinity OP’s ability to dramatically transform ordinary glass into a highly reflective surface. This effect is visible only from the outside of a vehicle, while the inside appearance is neutral. .
35% Metalized Platium Window Film
61% Heat Rejection
12% Metalized Platium Window Film
71% Heat Rejection

Nano Ceramic Window Films

MaxCool IR is a nano ceramic window film that provides higher heat rejection and infrared rejection (IR) than standard dyed or metalized window film. MaxCool IR is engineered to keep the car feeling cooler due to a higher rejection of total solar energy and protect the interior from UVA and UVB rays.
40% Nano Ceramic Window Film
61% Heat Rejection
15% Nano Ceramic Window Film
74% Heat Rejection
5% Nano Ceramic Window Film
80% Heat Rejection
Ceramic Match 2 Front Windows 20%
Great Match for Suv's Factory Smoked Glass 74% Heat Rejection
Windshield 80% Ceramic Film
82% Heat Rejection
Windshield 70% Ceramic Film
70% Heat Rejection

3M Paint Protection / Clear Shield

12" Hood Paint Protection + Fender Tips

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24" Hood Paint Protection + Fender Tips

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24" Bumper Paint Protection

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Mirrors 3M Paint Protection

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Both Mirrors 3M Paint Protection
Ultimate Coverage:

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60" Hood / 24-30" Bumper / Full Fenders / HeadLights / Mirrors / FogLights
18" 3M Paint Protection Package

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18" Hood / 18" Bumper / Fender Tips / HeadLights / Mirrors / Foglights
24" 3M Paint Protection Package

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24" Hood / 24" Bumper / Fender Tips / HeadLights / Mirrors / Foglights
Headlights 3M Clear Shield

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Both HeadLights 3M Paint Protection

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